Dr Banu Tasci Fresko is interested in the diagnosis and treatment of all diseases of the brain and nervous system, especially in the treatment of chronic pain, migraine and fibromyalgia. She helps her patients live a fuller and healthier life by guiding their diet, changing their lifestyle and ways of thinking.


I was born in Istanbul in 1969. I lived in pre-war Afghanistan and Istanbul. I graduated from Erenköy Girls' High School. I completed my medical education in 1992 and my neurology specialization At the Medical Istanbul Faculty in1997.
After 19 years of practice as staff neurologist, I opened my own private practice in 2017. I like to solve the Gordion Knot of migraine and fibromyalgia, find the underlying causes of pain and to alleviate the pain. I also see patients with various neurological disorders, I like to help my patients see the link between unhealthy eating and diseases. I also perform electro-neurophysiology studies and intraoperative neuromonitorization.

I am practicing yoga since 10 years. After seeing the benefits of yoga I immersed myself reading on the scientific aspects of yoga on human health. I completed my fundamental yoga training , restorative yoga, office yoga and yoga therapy training in 2017, yin yoga training in January 2019.

After reading Dr David Perlmutter's Grain Brain in 2014, I realized that my migraine, fibromyalgia, extra weight, skin symptoms, allergies, intestinal and tendon problems that had existed for many years could be gluten-related. Even after the first 10 days of gluten free diet I was changed and became a gluten free warrior. I've read everything I could find about the gluten-free diet and the Paleo diet. As I continued researching, I noticed how nutrition can be affect human health and one can be sensitive to gluten even without celiac disease. This non celiac gluten sensitivity can play an important role in chronic pain problems. As a neurologist I saw how important the guts health is and how trying to treat a part of the body by isolating it from other parts would be fruitless. My book ‘Feed Your Brain Properly’ (Beynini Doğru Besle) was on the shelves on October 2017. I wrote about the effects of nutrition on chronic pain, as well as the profound effects of childhood trauma on pain formation. I also mentioneed the positive effects of yoga on our health, its beneficial effects on pain, and the magic of forgiveness.
In my second book , I wrote on fibromyalgia and the wholesome approach to end chronic pain. Called ‘Pain no more (Artık Ağrımasın)’, it was on the shelves on May 2019.

Despite not fully grasping its scientific infrastructure, I am interested in family constellation works, which I came across in 2015. Of course I do not see it as an approach that is a cure-all or a remedy for all kinds of pain. I see it as a helpful tool for people to have an insight into their own past. I completed my training with Göksel Karabayır in September 2018 and became a certified constellation facilitator.

Towards the end of 2010 I started painting with the great support and encouragement of my mentor Ahmet Güllü. In 2011, I also started to work with Vedat Örs. I learned to work with acrylic paints with Vedat Örs, he helped me to express myself in different styles. I am continuing my lessons at the atelier of Resul Aytemur at the moment. So far, I have had 8 solo exhibitions and have participated in a international exhibition in Paris (March 2018). I have been a member of since 2014.

Besides neurology, yoga, writing and painting, I love to walk and trek. The mountains of the Black Sea region is my favorite route. Me and my daughter are adding to our repertoire by adding different mountains. I climbed the Kackar summit at 3300 meters in the summer of 2018 though couldn’t see the summit due to the weather conditions.



Yoga Instructor