When a person has a disease, pain or problem, the first impulse is go to a physician. The physician examines, orders tests, then gives recommendations and a prescription. An intervention or surgery is recommended if necessary.
This approach works particularly for acute problems.

However, in diseases -diabetes, heart disease, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, depression, obesity and many other diseases- lasting more than 3-6 months this approach and just taking your medication won’t work.

You first have to take the responsibility of your disease, and ask yourself: What I can do for my disease, what will help me get better?

At this stage, a patient needs guidance and reliable resources to do something and make changes. There is a lot of information online, some true, some not. Sometimes the doctors can't even agree amongst themselves!

I believe that both our own body and nature have all the resources to help us get well.

And also we can be much healthier by using the 3500-4000 years old ancient information and feeding like our ancestors.

This, of course, does not mean that we should ignore modern medicine/mainstream medicine. Complementary medicine is mainly useful to complement medicine based on the scientific facts (as the name implies). Therefore, consult your doctor before applying my recommendations.

DO NOT STOP THE TREATMENT THAT YOUR PHYSICIAN PRESCRIBED OR RECCOMDED. The power of nature and a healthy diet can then give you benefit.

You can find recommendations for nutrition in the nutrition section.